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About Us

The first fully dedicated private safe boxes company in Argentina. It was created with the objective to offer a premium service. Its main principles and drivers are providing clients confidentiality, security and convenience.

Hausler was created following an international trend, an answer to the needs of both non-bank users and bank clients dissatisfied with the service provided by their financial institution or that cannot find available safe boxes in their banks. Non-banking safe boxes are very common in the United States, Europe and Asia, as well as in Latin-American countries such as Uruguay, Panama and Mexico. Brustark S.A.


Bill counting and verification service (additional)

Secure in your way in and out

Advanced technology for remote monitoring

24/7 on-site security

High-tech alarms and sensors

Biometric identification using fingerprint and facial recognition

Maximum safety vault

Quick and agile service

Private waiting rooms

Ample insurance coverage

Secure Business and signing rooms

Flexible rental terms

Easy, simple and fast opening process

Extended opening hours. Monday to Saturday.

Personalised attention

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